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The CAASP Home Page will allow you to become acquainted with the activities and projects that are currently being worked on by CAASP members. It will also allow you to join and become part of the dynamic world of dedicated professionals on the cutting edge of educational practices.



Our Mission


The major goals of CAASP are to establish and develop an Alternative Education Network System throughout Connecticut, supply resources to developing alternative programs,support existing alternative programs, interact with other state agencies on related topics, provide membership with a monthly newsletter, and hold an annual state-wide Alternative Education Conference.  Please refer to the Keys to Successful Alternative Programs in the following document.

 Keys Revised 06-18-08.doc


CAASP Profile


CAASP is associated with the International  Association for Learning Alternatives  (IALA) and its members attend the international conference each year. www.learningalternatives.net



CAASP Officers:

President  - Robert Melillo

Vice President  - Corinne Byrne/Carol Wilkas

Secretary - Bill Scalise

Treasure - Wayne Theriault

Past President - Bill Scalise                                                    

Conference Coordinator - Mark Hill